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What is Baptism?

In baptism, we thank God for his gift of life and publicly acknowledge his love. In the Anglican Church it is common to baptise young children; this is sometimes known, outside the church, as christening.

Baptism is a 'sacrament' (holy ritual to symbolise grace) in the Christian tradition that is traced back to Jesus himself being baptized in the river Jordan.

Baptism marks the moment in which someone begins their life-long journey as a member of the church. Adults make their own commitment and promises but, for children, those promises are made on their behalf by parents and godparents.

Click for an Order of Service template that you can customise with respect to hymns and readings; the Church of England Order of Service for Baptism is given below.

How do I arrange a Baptism?

To arrange a Baptism, contact the Rector, making an appointment at which you will be able to consider the details of the service and ask any questions you might have. You will need to complete an application form; this can be done during the visit or you can download it, fill it in and bring or post it.

Our Parish Baptism policy is shown below. Baptisms at St Giles', Medbourne and St Andrew’s, Great Easton are usually conducted as part of our usual Sunday Family Service, so that the newly-baptised child may be welcomed into the family of the Church; please see the Baptism Dates (2018) document for available dates. The dates and times of baptisms at the other churches are by arrangement with the Rector.

What does it cost?

Baptism is free. In the rare instance of a baptism service outside the main service, separate fees are charged for service sheets, organ and bells. See the fees page for further details.


The role of Godparents is to speak on behalf of the infant being baptised, to support the parents in bringing up the child as a Christian within the family of the Church. In order that they can fulfil their role Godparents need to be able to make the declarations and promises in the baptism service, which is why the Church of England requires all Godparents to be baptised themselves and normally to be confirmed as well (or the equivalent if they are members of a Christian denomination other than the Church of England).

For more information from the Church of England about godparents click here.

Parish Baptism Policy

The Parish of the Six Saints circa Holt is committed to making children and their families feel truly welcomed by the Christian Church and has an open baptism policy in accordance with the teaching and practice of the Church of England. We will baptize all children whose parents bring them for baptism, and all teenagers and adults (in the altter instance as part of preparation for confirmation). If a person comes from outside the parish, the goodwill of their own parish priest should be sought by the Rector.

When do Baptisms take place?

In the Parish of the Six Saints circa Holt it is our policy that baptism should normally take place at the main morning service, when the family of the church is gathered. However, the need to take account of the varying individual circumstances of the applicants is acknowledged, and in exceptional circumstances other arrangements may be made in conversation with the Rector.

In a situation where a baptism has to take place outside the main morning service, it is our policy to invite families, wherever possible, to join us on the following or nearest appropriate Sunday to receive the baptism certificate and be welcomed by the wider family of the church in the parish.

Arranging a Baptism

Baptism arrangements are made via the Rector and his secretary. Initial enquiries may be made in person or by telephone or email. A form is filled in (usually by telephone or by email). Click here for the form. Information is available on the parish website: A baptism visit normally takes place and a date for the baptism is confirmed.


Clearly there is an opportunity in accordance with Canon B22.4 to instruct the parents and godparents about the baptism service in which they are to take part and the responsibilities which the baptism of their child(ren) lays upon them. A preparation meeting takes place with the parents and the Rector at which the service, the vows and plans to follow up baptism are given consideration. Godparents receive a letter from the Rector, together with a copy of the Church of England’s “Becoming a Godparent” leaflet, and are invited to discuss any questions or issues raised with the Rector.

The Service

A service sheet is normally produced, allowing opportunities for members of the Baptism party and the congregation to take part in the service. See below for the Order of Service. A contribution towards the cost of the service sheet and towards administration is invited, see Fees.


Baptism is just the beginning of the journey. There is a need to open up a relationship with the family which will continue after baptism. As part of our baptism policy, we will seek to create opportunities to maintain a link through follow up visits and pastoral encounters, by the Rector, and through provision of appropriate services, and social events.

Order of Service for Baptism and Supplementary Texts

A template for the Baptism Order of Service can be downloaded, click here. The Church of England Order of Service for Baptism can be found here.

Supplementary texts for Baptism services, including references for readings, and other forms of prayer can be found here.