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Genealogy Requests - Blaston

Making a request

With the increased interest in genealogy, partially as a result of BBC TV's "Who Do You Think You Are?", the parish has seen an increase in demand for information from church registers. As a result the service is now assisted by local volunteers, rather than Churchwardens or the Rector. A Blaston contact is shown below.

Payment for Genealogy Services

The Church of England applies statutory fees to genealogy searches. To find these click here; find the link to Table of Parochial Fees... and use this to download a detailed list of fees for the applicable year; within the download look under the heading: Searches in Church Registers. Payment must be made for such searches in advance; please see the Fees page for details of how to make a payment.

Local Genealogy Contacts

The Blaston genealogy contact is Julien Sheriden, contact details to be supplied.