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St. James' Church Drayton

The quaint church of St. James in Drayton is the smallest church in Leicestershire. The church sits on a grassy island on the South side of the main road through Drayton village. Parking is limited at both the front and rear of the church, so all visitors to the church are asked to respect the needs of residents.

Inside the church there is seating capacity for approximately 20 people. The church has a single exterior bell, visible in the photo to the left. Music is provided by an electronic keyboard.

Regular services are held approximately every fourth Sunday. See the Drayton Services page.

St. James' church does not have a licence for conducting marriage services. This means that a special licence would have to be applied for before a (small) wedding could be held in church.

Please contact the Rector in the first instance if you are considering a special service in Drayton church. For other matters please contact the churchwarden.

More information regarding this lovely church is provided on the History page.

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