Parish of the Six Saints circa Holt
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Church Fees

Parish of Six Saints circa Holt Local Fees

Fees for bells, organ and verger (where applicable)

Bell ringers
Organ fee funeral
Organ fee wedding £175.00

† Stockerston church has a harmonium which is available "at cost" for the musician.

Charges for service sheets for services outside the main Parish service

30 sheets

50 sheets

75 sheets

100 sheets

150 sheets






Church of England Statutory Fees

For Church of England statutory fees for Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals please click here. Find the link to Table of Parochial Fees... and use this to download a detailed list of fees for the applicable year.

Please note also that the Church of England also applies statutory fees to genealogy searches. To find these click the same link and proceed as above; the applicable fees are shown in the download under the heading: Searches in Church Registers.

All fees made payable to Six Saints circa Holt Parish Office Account.