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Genealogy Requests

Making a request

With the increased interest in genealogy, partially as a result of BBC TV's "Who Do You Think You Are?", the parish has seen an increase in demand for information from church registers. As a result the service is now assisted by local volunteers, rather than Churchwardens or the Rector. A list of contacts is shown below.

Payment for Genealogy Services

The Church of England applies statutory fees to genealogy searches. To find these click here; find the link to Table of Parochial Fees... and use this to download a detailed list of fees for the applicable year; within the download look under the heading: Searches in Church Registers. Payment must be made for such searches in advance; please see the Fees page for details of how to make a payment.

Local Genealogy Contacts

The table below shows the Genealogy contacts for each church. Please note thate these contacts provide their time voluntarily (as all fees go to the Church of England). Please respect the fact that they are volunteers who may have capacity constraints, especially when multiple or complex searches are requested.

Contact Name
Contact details
Julien Sheriden
Jocelyn Mallock

Manor Lodge, Bringhurst, Market Harborough, Leics., LE16 8RJ

01536 772044

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Great Easton
David Tyler  

8 Springbank, Medbourne, Market Harborough, Leics., LE16 8EB

01858 565242

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Mary Patston  
Apple Cottage, Stockerston, Oakham, LE15 9JF

01572 823396