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St. Peter's Church Stockerston

St Peter's Church in Stockerston lies at the top of Church Lane adjacent to Stockerston Hall with stunning views overlooking the Eyebrook Reservoir. Stockerston is a small but vibrant village with a very close community.

Stockerston is mentioned in the Domesday Book and it has a clear history from the days of Edward the Confessor just before the Norman Conquest.

The list of Rectors date back to the early 13th century.

There ar e many visitors to the church throughout the year including cyclists and bird watchers who also visit the Eyebrook Reservoir.

Our regular service is on the fourth Sunday of each month with additional services for festivals held during the year (see Services for details).

St. Peter's can seat around 120 people; this includes additional seating which may be arranged by contacting any of the Churchwardens.

From a church inspection of 1626 four bells were recorded, three large and one small – we now have only three same sized bells which are chimed whenever possible by both members of the village and visitors.

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Four bells, three large and one small, were recorded in a church inspection of 1626. There are now three same sized bells which are chimed for services.

There is limited parking available outside the Church on Church Lane.

To make arrangements for a special service in Church please contact Rector. Further information about special services can be accessed via links on the Home Page.

For a more details on the history of our Parish and Church please go to the History page.